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2017. június

01 csütörtök


Winemaker Dinner with Krisztina Csetvei (Mór Wine Region)


9.900 Forint / fő.

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2017.05.06. 17:21


Northwest Hungary holds some of Hungary’s smallest wine regions—namely Somló, Etyek, Pannonhalma, and Mór—and this week we’ll be focusing on the tiny Mór region. Though Mór is only about an hours drive from Budapest, in the rolling Transdanubian hills, it’s still little-known (even in Hungary). This week we are welcoming our first-ever winemaker from this region, Krisztina Csetvei, who is seen as one of the region’s rising stars. In her previous life Krisztina studied engineering and business, and had a short and successful corporate career. In 2011 she decided to follow her passion for wine and started the Csetvei Pince in Mór which is now in its fifth harvest. Chef Tamás has long been telling us about the big feasts he cooks for Krisztina at an annual party at her cellar in Mór. Mór is a largely white wine producing region, and Tamás likes to prepare light dishes that really let the wine shine. As we taste six of Krisztina’s wines—including ezerjó, the flagship wine of this obscure region—she’ll tell us the story of what it takes to build a winery from scratch, and why she chose to do it in the Mór region. If you never heard of these grapes, come and join us to taste and learn about these local curiosities!

Asparagus salad with herbs
Roasted chicken with tarragon butter and lime, new potatoes and chives
Vargabéles cake

Móri Királyleányka 2015
Móri Ezerjó 2015
Móri Chardonnay 2015
Móri Szürkebarát 2015
Napholdcsillag 2015
Nagy-Somlói Olaszrizling 2015


9,900 HUF per person 


Space is limited, and advance registration is required (through our web site, not facebook)! Please let us know in advance if you have any dietary restrictions or need any menu substitutions!

** All guests receive 10% off of all wines purchased at the Tasting Table on the night of the event!


Thursdays @The Tasting Table —This is when we get to introduce some of the fascinating people who we cross paths with while exploring the region’s food and wine. We invite them into our open kitchen to cook, or into our tasting room to share their wines. Our guest hosts can include chefs, winemakers, authors, sommeliers, photographers, food enthusiasts, or others who are doing fascinating things in the food and wine world. At these casual evenings, with somewhat of a speakeasy vibe, everyone gathers around our two big communal tables. Tamás (our chef) prepares the meals and food is served family-style. Wine is poured generously. These Thursday evenings are all about enjoying great food, wine, and company.

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